Saturday, 25 July 2020

How to prepare a TED talk style presentation with storytelling expert Jonno Turner

If we’re asked one question frequently at Thrive Global, it’s how to prepare and deliver a memorable TED-style talk or presentation.

We caught up with sports marketing expert and host Jonno Turner following his presentation at SPORTO – a leading European sport industry conference – InventHelp Blog to find out his top tips for preparing a talk that gets noticed.

Having delivered keynote speeches at conferences around the world, Turner – who was named as one of UK sport’s ‘30 under 30’ in 2019 – has sharpened his speaking skills, but admits that he learns more every time he takes to the stage.

“I don’t know if you ever stop feeling nervous when it comes to public speaking,” he explains. “You can always learn and improve – and every time you get up in front of a new crowd, you have to win them over once again. That’s the challenge.”

Below, Turner gives us six tips for public speaking success.

6 steps to transforming your business into a digital company

Check out what needs to be done for your business to become a digital company, considerably increasing your online sales

If you have a physical company, you probably have already thought about the possibility of making a website for it, turning it into a digital company. There is no denying that there are only advantages in this type of business, InventHelp Startups such as greater visibility for customers, increased sales and sales. But how to transform your business into a digital company? Through this article, you will know 6 important steps on how to do this. Read to the end and learn more about this important subject.

Rethink your business

This is the first step in transforming your business into a digital company. Rethink your entire business, as the digital transformation goes much further than the adoption of technology in the company’s processes. It is something much more complex than that, that is, it is a change that affects all stages of your business, in addition to a change in the thinking of those who make the company work.

Without a change in culture, it is virtually impossible to transform your business. A good tip is to do a thorough analysis of the market that your company intends to operate and set future goals. Understand that there are some potential threats to your service or product and try to tailor your company to those possible unforeseen events that will arise along the way. Also, read our post on how much does it cost to set up a virtual store?

5 notable American Inventors of Foreign Origins

In the history of the United States, several significant individuals expanded their horizons by making a mark on the country. Even though immigration is an area that has always been controversial for the US, a number of people have come to the ‘land of opportunity’ InventHelp Inventors to make their mark on the world.

Such extraordinary people have shown the world that genius and brilliance have nothing to do with one’s origins. They came, they saw, and they offered the world their ingenuity. Ever since Thomas Graham Bell came from Scotland and invented the telephone, several other notable inventors made history in America. Even in the 19th century, several scientists and inventors became noteworthy in the US. The article identifies five famous American inventors who were immigrants but made an immediate impact with their contributions.

Dr. Matthew DiDuro on Making Futuristic Healthcare Technology a Reality

Matthew has worked hard over the past few years to educate the healthcare systems as well as patients about the amazing effects of this futuristic technology. It has helped many patients repair their damaged tissues and get back their normal life. Being born to a middle-class family, Matthew is proud to have amazing parents, InventHelp Technology who have always supported his every decision. Matthew has witnessed a lot of struggles in his early life. He has seen his parents struggle to earn a living. Matthew also feels grateful to have supportive coaches, who have always inspired him.

He explained how the renowned doctor namely, Dan Pompa, became the first professional to utilize this idea into technology. His elder son went through a severe accident, in which, he broke his two vertebrae. Instead of going through the surgery, the doctor and his son decided to try this technology. According to doctors, 75% of such accidents resulted in paralysis. But using the polychromatic lights, Daniele could walk in three weeks. He even went to Europe for his vacation 5 weeks after the accident.

The importance of protecting your invention

The granting of patents is an extremely important mechanism for technological development, for innovation in all fields of knowledge – and perhaps we are even more aware of this importance when we think about medicines, InventHelp Inventions for example.

The truth is that the system, which grants a temporary privilege for the inventor and/or holder to exclusively explore the invention. It is an award for contributing to the development of products and processes that will help everyone, worldwide.

In other words, society gains a lot from this investment in innovation, and the inventor/holder of the invention will be able, with the patent, to explore exclusively for 20 years !! The need to protect an invention is increasingly important for companies of all sizes, especially in a globalized and increasingly competitive market. Among the various reasons for this, we will list in this post the top 3.

Competitive advantage and exclusive economic exploitation

If you have invented something and want to be the only one and explore that product or process – or receive it so that others have access to your invention – the best way is to protect yourself by obtaining a patent, be it an invention or a utility model.

It is in this way that you will have at your disposal more effective measures to prevent copying and any unfair practices that you identify in the market, either from your competitors or even from a company that only does the marketing of products.

How to protect your business idea from plagiarism

However, it is necessary to recognize that it can take a long time from the start of the journey, giving the business project a commercial form, until it crystallizes. There you will need to know how to protect the idea from plagiarism through InventHelp. By making it known, InventHelp Patent even to friends, you run the risk of it, stop being yours. Every entrepreneur, with an unpublished business plan, has felt the logical fear that this will happen. In this article, you will find practical tips to protect ourselves from those people who, lacking inspiration, have money and time to shape and make profitable, in advance, and in advance, that business we have in mind.